Cosmetic Child-Resistant and Senior-Friendly Package Testing

Cosmetics are in high demand today. In order to survive in such a competitive industry, cosmetic companies must have attractive packaging. Just as important, however, is the product packaging convenience, safety, and ease of use. Manufacturers must make their packaging eye-catching for retail shelves and accessible to the right people. The most effective cosmetic packaging makes brand information clear while simultaneously meeting federal package regulations.

If you are unsure what federal packaging regulations are, or you do not think your packaging meets these requirements, talk to us at Child Related Research. We make it easy to stay compliant with federal child-resistant and senior-friendly package testing guidelines.

Federal Laws Surrounding Cosmetic Packaging

Consumer trust is what keeps a cosmetic company profitable and reputable, and this trust is gained through the proper manufacturing of safe product packaging. Earning customer trust is difficult, but getting it back after making a costly safety mistake is virtually impossible. You can prevent your business from ever losing trust by following current regulations on product packaging and safety, which can be found here.

By law, the cosmetic industry is required to make packaging that keeps toxic chemical compounds from being easily ingested by children, but it also must be intuitive for adults to open. Under the FD&C and FPLA Acts, cosmetics must also be properly labeled accurately and completely with the following information:

The intended use of the product
A list of ingredients
Any necessary warnings
A distributor statement
The name and place of distribution
The net content
Material facts

The better you follow these regulations, the more your company image and sales will flourish.

Beauty Industry Customers We Serve

Child Related Research has worked with a host of industries within the beauty realm, including the hair care, cosmetic, beauty salon, and skin care industries. We’ve conducted package testing on makeup products, shampoo and conditioners, lotions, and a wide variety of other similar products. No matter how large or small, we can meet the package testing needs of any beauty company.

Services We Provide

As a manufacturer, supplier, or retailer of beauty and personal care products, you have a duty of care to uphold the quality and safety of your products. Our testing services will help you maintain the child safety of the packaging of your products and lead to increased sales and confidence in your brand. We have the capacity to test packaging for child resistance and senior friendly effectiveness according to domestic and international standards.

Improve Your Cosmetic Packaging

Child Related Research is a federally accredited package testing facility dedicated to the efficient testing of child-resistant and senior-friendly packaging. We’ve worked with the biggest names in beauty, and we’re ready to put our skills to work for you to make your operations more profitable. Give us a call today to find out how your packaging safety could be improved.

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