Child-Resistant and Senior-Friendly Contract Packaging Testing

In the past, most production processes were managed by a single operation from the initial design stages to the finished product. Over time, however, this became expensive and inefficient. As a cost-effective and time-saving solution, many companies decided to outsource certain areas of production, including package manufacturing. Today, higher quality products are produced as a result of this decision to outsource to specialists. That’s where contract packaging and package testing companies come in — and that’s why Child Related Research and contract packaging companies make a great team.

As a contract packager, your job is important to a host of industries. Many businesses rely on your packaging expertise to keep their products and consumers safe; you are expected to have the knowledge to handle any contract packaging project and the equipment to get the job done right. As such, your packaging is held to a high standard of excellence. One of the best ways to meet and even exceed the expectations set for your company is to share the load. Allow our package-testing service to ensure your packaging is compliant with child-resistant and senior-friendly standards.

At Child Related Research, we have years of experience helping the largest contract packaging plants test their products for child resistance and senior friendliness. Since the early 1970s, we’ve been able to offer the fastest turnaround times of any other package-testing service in the industry, leaving you with extra time for your project and confidence that the job has been done right.

Child-Resistant and Senior-Friendly Testing for All Package Types

Contract packaging companies, like yours, are expected to be experts in all types of packaging and to work effortlessly with all types of industries. Contract packagers specialize in the production of attractive and durable blister packs, shrinkwrap, clamshell packaging, liquid dispensers, flow wrapping, cardboard packaging, and so much more. You hope that these products are able to effectively protect pharmaceutical products, chemicals, beauty supplies, and other items that could be potentially toxic in the wrong hands. With the help of a professional package testing company, you won’t have to hope anymore — you’ll know.

Just like your company, Child Related Research specializes in multi-industry package testing, and we’re here to protect your reputation through experienced child-resistant and senior-friendly package testing. Our team understands the packaging requirements and safety regulations of every type of company, and we can help you distribute fully compliant products that protect your consumers, your merchandise, and your profits.

We are fully equipped to test the efficacy of your packages in the hands of children and the elderly. For example, if your medication blister packs are too easy for young kids to get into, our team will not only inform you, but we’ll also recommend improvements for your package’s design.

Our Qualifications to Serve You

Child Related Research has been around for over 50 years, offering extensive package testing for the pharmaceutical, beauty, chemical, EPA-specific, and contract packaging industries. Our clients trust us with all their package compliance testing needs, as we are accredited to United States and international package testing standards. More specifically, we are accredited to the test standards promulgated by:

  • EPA
  • CPSC
  • BSI
  • CSA Group
  • International Organization for Standardization

Click here to learn more about what these accreditations mean.

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